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Songs by Bodo Wartke. Artist Bodo Wartke. Bodo Wartke – 90 grad. chords 90 gradver. 1 Bodo Wartke – Ich trau mich nicht. tabs Ich trau mich nichtver. 1. Der Klassiker “Ich trau’ mich nicht” von Bodo Wartke in der Berliner Variante. Find a Bodo Wartke – Ich Denke, Also Sing’ Ich first pressing or reissue. Complete your Bodo Wartke collection. 2, –Bodo Wartke · Ich Trau’ Mich Nicht.

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‎Klavierkabarett in Reimkultur by Bodo Wartke on Apple Music

Is it yes or no? Die sperren mich ein! She to hers, and me to mine. Du hast ‘ne Pollenallergie? He was great in math and physics. And I keep coming in contact with new forms of musical delights from Germany. Whether buxom and sexy or rather demure, whether slightly underweight or downright anorexic, she always has her father make her body correspond to the latest style.

Du schmiegst dich an mich und sagst: Here it is, with a translation.

But ever since the wall came down, and this whole new city and country have emerged, my loyalties are back with Berlin mkch with Germany and I would dearly love to go live there — at least for a time. If I could talk, there would be no purpose.


Marvelously flawless from head to toe. When it comes to women, it comes down to just three features: Raabe and his colleagues have made it internationally, have appeared at Carnegie Hall several times, and if one of their America tours comes anywhere close to where you live, I urge you to give yourself a wonderful evening out.

I never got to see you, Christine. The DVD is available, but the cost of shipping from Europe is outrageous, so I will wait till my next trip and make do with bood available online for now. He pokes fun at both Steve Jobs and at the world of the PC. Ich bin ja ohnehin umringt von lauter Tauben und die geben auf mich einen Dreck. Here he is elsewhere, singing a duet with himself, a lover and his would-be lover with an allergy back in the nerd and his girlfriend category.

I have a pollen allergy. This version was clearly written before that micy.

Das brachte mir ein blaues Auge ein – augenscheinlich. Ich gehe mit dir spazieren im Park. Thousands have seen him perform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but I am limited to what is available on YouTube for now. Whether his talent will be sufficient to overcome the language barrier remains, of course, to be seen. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the music in its entirety online, but here are the words: Go up and talk to her!


Deswegen sieht sie so gut aus, der Mann verdient Applaus, denn er hat den Bogen raus! We are witnesses to the ebb and flow of fate.

Otaku is Japanese for nerd — especially techno-nerd, which Japan has in great abundance. And even a word like CIA agent sounds much more elegant and charming than torturer.

Bodo Wartke

Because I’ve had no feedback, I may not have all my facts right and may have a peculiar slant on this guy not shared by others. Three years old must have seemed like a considerable amount compared to you, since you were only a month and a day.

Liedermacher can be story tellers, social and political critics, or humorists, and the line is not always clear between liedermacher and cabarettist. Bodo Wartke is also an extremely talented musician.

But that was a long time ago. Comment te montrer mes sentiments? My once fierce sense of identity with Berlin gave way some years ago.