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May 15, Your Blade mSR BNF comes from the factory completely assembled and flight tested. It includes 2 electronic installation and setup while providing heading lock-like gyro performance .. Spektrum DX7/DX7se. JR X programming values are shown below for the Spektrum DX6i, DX7s, DX6, DX7, DX8, the Blade mSR S DXe model setup available at Sep 25, A short course – How to Bind and Trim Your mSR Heli. The new E-flite mSR ultra micro helicopter is truly something different and exciting for RC.

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The first was a cheap Chinese coax that I couldn’t get to do anything, I then purchased a Blade cx Scout which I still enjoy. Thanks for all your info and hard work to make this hobby fun and enjoyable. Instant setttings link sent directly to your email address. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

How-To Setup, Bind and Trim the Blade mSR BNF

The throttle curves work great, and I’ve been experimenting with Dual Rate and Expo. It is easy to bump a throttle stick when you dont want to. I hope to purchase a Blade 3D in about a year to get into CP machines. Send a private message to gi1mo2.

Hi Jim it is easy to setup the DX-7 for an mSR in heli mode just start with a new model memoryit doesn’t hurt to reset it to defaultbut be sure to start with a totally blank memory and just enter the name you want to usei used “MY mSR”with a new model memory in heli mode it will be 1 servo normal defaultwhich is what you want for the mSR you can use Dual Rates if you wantand throttle hold is easy to setupsome people mention tweeking throttle curve to get it to hover at midstick cheers.


The MSR also has RX side low rates programmed for your gear switch on airplane version of DX7so you can hit the gear switch to reduce all three rates roll, pitch and yaw to some arbitrary number setup up by the manuf to accommodate rate switching on the cheap RTF TX’s. That said, the AS3X gyro system on the mSRX does a very good job at automatically correcting for this and you may not even know it has happened.

May 21, I find that works pretty well for me. Sep 06, If for whatever reason you don’t find the information in this eBook helpful and useful; simply contact me within 30 days from the purchase date and request a refund along with the original transaction or order number and a simple explanation of why you’re requesting a refund.

Does it have an effect on something else?

By getting the Tx profile set and tweaking the blade tracking per your simple to follow instructions, my mSR flys so much better and is much more controllable. Had to figure out the source of the problems from googling around the web.

I thought about adding more sub-trim but that would defeat the purpose and it probably doesn’t help that my negative expo on the rudder is set tocuz i noticed a big difference in how much more the tail motor works but its pretty well dialed in to my likings.

I would kind of like to keep the settings I have now in one flight mode and increase sensitivity and maybe endpoints in another mode I am relatively new to RC Helicopters, and have purchased 5 in the past three months.


I noticed that it has 2 servo on the helicopter. I have given my wife many DX6i hints.

The new E-flite mSR ultra micro helicopter is truly something different and exciting for RC hobbyists. Sep 08, Blade mSR factory settings? Did I mention this was my first Heli and I absolutely could not fly it until I read your e-book? Hope this helps you guys. You can’t use the heli mode. I find setting throttle curve for 0, 25, 50, 55, 60 works for indoors well.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Peter Riddell – United States. One for every skill level How-To: Both these birds will teach you as much about yourself as they will about RC helicopters — perhaps more. Send a private message to neilg. Copperclad, Thanks, i have the manual out now seeing how to scroll thru the menus and functions.

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Blade mSR Tips “Getting The Most Out Of Your Blade mSR/X & SR” eBook

Send a private message to Ddaddy. I’m now going to dive into flybar-less flight because your sfttings regarding the mSR X was so clear. Greg Margolis – United States. Expo should be really easy to set up on the DX7, since it shows you the output graph right on the screen.

This has been confirmed both with my experiences, and many others who contacted me. Last edited by copperclad; Sep 06, at