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Aztech WLE has been designed and developed with a SMART LED, Note: This Easy Start Guide, together with the User Manual is included in the. Aztech DSLEW download manual. Aztech DSLEW User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Aztech DSLEW router. View and Download Aztech DSLEW user manual online. Ethernet Wireless Router. DSLEW Wireless Router pdf manual download.

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Quality Of Service User Manual Quality of Service Quality of service allows network administrators to configure the routers to meet the real time requirements for voice and video.

Screenshots – Aztech – DSLEW (Aztech Firmware) | ™

Wireless LAN Security 9. To restrict access to the web interface, you need to set the System Password. CoS2 takes Kbps when there is no CoS1 packets. Internet Login Account Setting. This opens the Summary page. For instance, if one device is responsible for acquiring data that many other devices need, then multicasting is a natural fit.

Connecting other devices To the connect with other devices: User Manual Planning Your Network Before moving ahead to setup your network, it is a good idea to draw out a network diagram to help identify the devices and plan out how to connect these devices.

Wireless Management User Manual Wireless Management The wireless management function gives another level of security to your router. Click Apply to temporarily activate the settings. This allows you to access you router remotely. Multicasting is useful when the same data needs to be sent to more than one device.

User Manual Advanced Settings This chapter provides advanced configuration options for your router. Wireless Configuration User Manual Wireless Configuration For users who want to explore the advanced features, you can click on the Advanced button.


Requirements Your computer must meet the following minimum requirements. Your wireless client needs this name to establish wireless connection. The reverse CoS and domain mapping is configured using the Egress.

User Manual Static Connection Static connection type is used whenever a known static IP address is assigned to the router. User Manual Egress For packets going out of the router, the markings CoS need to be translated to the mappings understood by the network domains.

Click Apply to temporarily the settings. Egress TCA is required if shaper is configured for that interface. Each radio network interface card NIC and router must be manually to use the same key.

User Manual The mnaual are: Viewing Status and Product Information Your router allows you to view the following status and product information: Additional addressing information such as the mankal mask and the default gateway must also be specified.

This connection method makes the router act as a bridge for passing packets between the WAN interface and the LAN interface. Enter an Encryption Key or click Generate to allow the router to create an alphanumeric encryption key for you. It is a port-based network access control that keeps the network qztech disconnected until authentication is completed. Select Yes or No to specify if you want to hide your wireless network name or not.

User Manual Wireless Management The wireless management function gives another level of security to manua router. A static route is a pre-defined pathway that network information must travel to reach a specific host or network. Untrusted mode Layer 2 Layer Selection Auto Auto configuration is not supported in the current version. CoS1 has absolute priority and is used for expedited forwarding EF traffic.


Aztech DSLEW Default Password & Login, Manuals and Reset Instructions | RouterReset

NAT and firewall rules are not enabled. Green indicates that the service is enabled, while red indicates that the service is disabled.

In most cases, this screen should not be modified. Modem Status Product Information This page displays the product information and software versions. A database of predefined IP filters allows you to apply one or more filtering rules to one or more members of a defined LAN group. The side effect is that a misconfigured stream can potentially take all 605ea.

About This Manual User Manual About this Manual This manual provides a description of the components, basic operation, and advanced configuration options of the router. User Manual Status Menu User Manual Example 2: Page 20 of Examples of Locally generated traffic are: User Manual Routing Table Routing Table displays the information used by routers when making packet-forwarding decisions.


Aztech DSL605EW Easy Start Manual

If a rule is not in the list, you can create your own rule in the User category. Diagnostics User Manual Diagnostics This chapter provides information about monitoring the router status and viewing product information. Easy Connect Configuration Easy Connect feature allow user to surf web with ease without the need to changes default configuration setting, i. This is to prevent unauthorized wireless users from accessing your router.

Status Menu Page 22 of