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Richard Lea: The struggle between science and superstition in Asimov’s classic short story rings as true today as it did 70 years ago. Second, the whole story in Nightfall revolves around an impending very rare solar eclipse of the one sun out of six that is in the sky at the time. The classic science-fiction tale “Nightfall” is set on a planet where night only falls every 2, years. Now, a scientist proposes a planet could.

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What should happen to humanity if we are to become too acquainted with the goings-on in our lives?

“Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov

Oct 16, Filip rated it it was amazing. Want to Read nightfalll. When this novelized version of Nightfall came out in I was not interested in reading it, as I thought the original story is perfect as it is and I could not imagine how expanding or padding it out can improve nightfsll it.

Even if you are not interested in science fiction novels, you could surely read this novel from a philosophical, historical, or psychological viewpoint which makes it a highly commendable novel. He has works published in nine o Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born, American author, a professor of biochemistry, and a highly successful writer, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books. An elderly sociologist travels to the human asteroid colony of Elsevere to study their caste society.

Kind of makes one wonder what the Grandmaster would have to say about smartphones, the internet and virtual reality. Bob did a wonderful job and I could almost believe I had written the whole thing myself.

He calls, Cliff answers and he discusses the project they are working on, making a computer smaller than a room. Imagine a world that receives significant light from seven suns.

One of the younger astronomers brings up the purely theoretical case of life on a planet with only one sun, a planet where “the exact nature of the gravitational force would be so evident” astronomers would discover shott “before they even invented the telescope”.


Simon BridgeApr 27, For example, electric lights were never invented as there was no need. How blinded they are by their beliefs! The people of Kalgash, although aliens, are very human in nature, so I liked the approach of a sci-fi story to address the issue of how we humans respond to change, especially abrupt change in daily things whose stability we take for granted. The one remaining sun is about to be eclipsed. But reading this story made me realize why Asimov is my favorite sci-fi author.

After discussing what might have happened if they’d each made different choices in life, a married couple named Norman and Livvy encounter a eccentric old man on a train who presents them with a mirror that allows then to ask “What If—” and see the results play out. I actually liked nightfwll one better than Nightfall.

Darkness in literature: ‘Nightfall’ by Isaac Asimov

I just read the novella written by Isaac Asimov not the full length novel which expanded this story later. Apr 28, 8. Show 25 25 50 All. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Nor have I seen it disproven. There is a cult that has an explanation for it, the world for 12 hours every thousand years is swallowed by a giant serpent and the stars drive humanity mad. Now I’ll go think about what the folks in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” were doing before and after the events in her story.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One should always ask questions, not because science is somehow untrustworthy or to be discarded, but because factual evidence is not always so clear as to offer self-evident conclusions. Reading any book can do this: Scientists on the planet Kalgash discover that an eclipse – an event that occurs only every years – is imminent, and tha. He thanks the protagonist for drawing the machine’s attention.

Imagine never having seen the Stars. After Ragusnik takes over Dr. Nov 13, Apatt rated it really liked it Shelves: Choi is a contributing writer for Space. Notturno di Isaac Asimov 1 6 Feb 14, His shorts usually entail a sort of puzzle, and a great deal of fun is trying to stay a step ahead of the characters if you can or see how Asimov will get his people out of a jam, or not, as is sometimes the case.


Apr 29, Love potions, but made through science, and a judge, a friend of the scientist, who finds himself in hot water. Asimov asks the question ‘what would it be like to live in a world that never experiences darkness? Will the astronomical truths discovered at Saro University survive the apocalypse and enlighten the survivors of the next cycle, or will the obscurantism of religion prevail? The planet orbits five suns, all various sizes and distances away, so that the inhabitants have never known night.

The technology level seemed to be all over the shop as well Sep 01, Lori rated it did not like it. Nightfall short story by Isaac Asimov 35 Jan 01, The bad delivery of the ending, and the overall pulpiness of the story, are what drop the rating. Morn came and went—and came, and brought no day, And men forgot their passions in the dread Of this their desolation: To view it, click here.

Don’t bother with it unless you’re an Asimov completist. I would definitely suggest this anthology of works to fans of Science Fiction, just not above some of Asimov’s more well known works. Will Norman and Livvy’s love survive this test? It was bloated and forgettable. Surprisingly fresh and still sobering even in the face of dreary post-apocalyptic tales everywhere in the media. Feb 07, Wanda rated it did not like it. A fun romantic short story dealing with a couple that gets to see What if things had gone differently.