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What I do, I understand,’ then Raffael Marty’s Applied Security. Visualization will surely bring us much wisdom. Marty embraces the security visualization. APPLIED SECURITY VISUALIZATION Collecting log data is one thing, having relevant information is something else. The art to transform all kinds of log data. Raffael Marty runs security analytics for Sophos. A former startup “Applied Security Visualization”, MIT Lincoln Labs, Boston, December “Insider Crime.

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SecViz – A place to share and explore security visualization. My Areas of Interest Below you find four areas of interst that I like to think about.

Instead of handling textual data, visualization is offering a new, more effective, and simpler approach to analyze millions of log entries generated on a daily basis.

Quick question, where should I report typos in the book?

Security intelligence is the latest movement in the security arena. In page 69, first paragraph after ‘Chart Axes’ “In three-dimensional charts, the vertical axis is generally the y-axis. Page at the very top: Raffael Marty Security Visualization. I have always been fascinated by people and how to build lasting relationships. It’s amazing how much Zen can teach us about leadership. Further we present a couple of services which use IP and what functionalities these services will demand from IP.


Applied Security Visualization | SecViz

Visual Analytics and Security Intelligence Companies are collecting petabytes of data and are building large scale data processing environments based on hadoop and other big data technologies. Extraction and graphical representation of time domain correlation of events discovery of covert channels, beacons, etc.

Create new account Request new password. AugustReplay Solutions Launch ebiz. It should mention that there are fournot three subcategories.

It is displayed right in figure on the next vidualization. AugustBook Extract: Anyway, thank you very much for writing the book. Toggle navigation Raffael Marty.

Applied Security Visualization

Leadership Leadership is one of those topics that has accompanied me for a long time. Bio Raffael Marty is chief research and intelligence officer at Forcepoint. Navigation Graph Exchange Parser Exchange.

These are rffael that I have written and contributed to.

July 23San Francisco Hack: This should be the z -axis. Which of the other two axes is designated x or y varies depending on the application”.

Graphical representations help immediately identify outliers, detect malicious activity, uncover mis-configurations and anomalies, or spot general trends and relationships among individual data points.

I traveled to Africa with MamaHope to get to see first-hand, sexurity it ivsualization to live in absolute poverty. Next, Marty shows how to use visualization to perform broad network security analyses, assess specific threats, and even improve business compliance.


In line with the Hadoop big data movement, one of the objectives is to run the data lake on commodity hardware and storage applies is cheaper than special purpose storage arrays, SANs, etc. An example would be when vertically stacking several line plots representing real-time past events happening at visualiization consecutive layers in the network from outside to inside i.

Posted June 10th, by raffy. Additionally, Marty held key roles at IBM Research, ArcSight and Splunk and is an expert on established best practices and emerging innovative trends in the big data and security analytics space. DAVIX is a compilation of powerful tools for visualizing networks and assessing their security.

He is the author of Applied Security Visualization and is a frequent speaker at global academic and industry events. Similarty should be Similarity matty the top right of the figure.