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Apexogenesis of irreversible inflamed young permanent molar using calcium hydroxide gluconate pulpotomy: A case report with review of. pulp, two approaches are possible – apexogenesis or apexification. Apexogenesis is ‘a vital pulp therapy procedure performed to encourage continued phy-. Translated title of the contribution, Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: A review. Language, Italian. Pages, Number.

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Another treatment option for cariously exposed permanent molars. Identification of hard tissue after experimental pulp capping using dentin sialoprotein dsp as a marker. After three minutes, the NaOCl was rinsed away with water using a two-way syringe, and the area was blot-dried with sterile cotton pledges.

How to cite this URL: Link to publication in Scopus. Una revisione della revieww. At this recall visit, the tooth was asymptomatic and had a normal response to cold testing. Revie IM, Holland R.

A case report with review of literature. Clinical use of bioceramic materials. Aim of this paper was to present the therapeutical approaches apexpgenesis the management of the immature apex and discuss the evolution of materials and techniques. At the ten-day recall visit the patient was asymptomatic and had a normal response to cold testing.


Coronal microleakage of two root-end filling materials using a polymicrobial marker.

Apexification, apexogenesis and regenerative endodontic procedures: a review of the literature.

Apexogeneis operative magnification and careful caries removal have been identified as important prerequisites for success, 9 with the placement of a bioactive pulp capping material enhancing the innate healing capacity of the human dentalpulp.

Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. Carious exposure of an irreversibly inflamed vital pulp in a young permanent tooth presents a significant clinical challenge to maintain vitality. Haemostasis was achieved by the application of a 3. The patient was seen at the endodontic practice thirty minutes after the carious exposure.

Apexogenesis treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate: long-term follow-up of two cases

This article presents two case reports where MTA revieww used as a direct, single-visit pulp capping material in cariously exposed teeth with immature roots. Biologic Consideration in Dental Procedures. Clinical and histological evaluation of white proroot MTA in direct pulp capping. Postobturation radiograph of 36 Click here to view. A review of the literature S. Radiographic examination showed that the root formation was immature Figure 1a.


Minerva Stomatologica63 The caries was identified using caries detector dye and removed using a rotary bur. When an immature tooth is affected by caries or trauma, the pulp requires proper management apexoegnesis to the degree of inflammation and its vitality. A bitewing radiograph revealed an occlusalmesial cavity on his mandibular left first permanent molar.

Ford TP, Roberts G. The teeth remained vital and functional, and no further endodontic intervention was necessary. AU – Taschieri, Apexogrnesis. Strengthening immature teeth during and after apexification. Vital pulp therapy with new materials: A case series outcomes assessment. Intraoral periapical radiograph of 36 showed incompletely formed root apices Click here to view.

Several studies have highlighted the importance of achieving a coronal seal after pulp capping.

Treatment options: apexogenesis and apexification.

Torabinejad M, Chivian N. The three-year follow-up visit confirmed complete root formation and apex closure Figure 2c. Patel R, Cohenca N.