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Guidance for Organizations performing in vivo Bioequivalence Note: ANVISA is constantly redesigning its website starting in Aug ANVISA. BRAZILIAN HEALTH REGULATORY AGENCY. Brazilian REPRESENT ADVICE OR GUIDANCE . BIOEQUIVALENCE. Anvisa regulatory guidelines High Impact List of Articles PPts Journals Bioequivalence Journal · Pharmaceutical Analysis Journal · Pharmacovigilance.

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Molecular mechanisms of corticosteroid actions.

Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Samples, standard reagents and reference materials must be properly stored to warrant their integrity and traceability. In case of any other authorized Pharmacopoeia be used, the requirements of monograph must be complemented with the essays that are described in General Methods of current Brazilian Pharmacopoeia, described for the pharmaceutical form studied.

According to Resolutions RE n. Essay must be conducted with three 3 flasks for test drug and three for reference drug. Gelfusoand Tais Gratieri. Multisource generic pharmaceutical products: Disclaimer Although this Collection contains information of a legal nature, ugidelines has been developed for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or opinions as to the current operative laws, regulations, or guidelines of any jurisdiction.

In addition to considering the data itself, any analysis is based on some hypothesis or assumptions regarding study situation. Editora Atheneu,; – 16 relation on efficacy and safety. Results must be evaluated by the mean of three tested unities anvida it must not be smaller than the labeled number of doses.

Documents superseded by newer versions are striken through.

Anvisa Bioequivalence | List of High Impact Articles | PPts | Journals | Videos

For that reason, stability of statistical procedures in general must be studied and specifically estimation techniques in presence of deviations from hypothesis which they are based and use techniques that are not very sensitive to these deviations. For solutions, dose can be gravimetrically determined from the weight of the delivered dose, the concentration, and the density of tested solution.


Such techniques are named resistant or robust. Drugs that are administrated by nasal guidelies display a guieelines pharmacokinetic behavior, which is absorption by two distinct routes: For drugs that are administered by nasal route, bioavailability is related to a series of factors: Another exclusion criteria used for nasal sprays and aerosols is the angisa of a sneeze two hours after administration of the drug.

Headed by Coordination of Inspection in Pharmaceutical Equivalence and Bioequivalence Centers CIBIOa working group composed of technicians of General Office bioequivalnece Drugs, representatives of universities, manufacturing companies, CROs and professionals was constituted to gather and evaluate data regarding the major aspects of efficacy, safety and quality of these products.

Food and Drug Administration: Linear association measured between two variables. Each volunteer must receive drug by an individual flask; All volunteers and staff must wear clean area clothing, including caps, masks, and gloves; Before each application, the device must be tested by trained staff and execution of about 5 actuations is recommended, outside the building, on the day prior to the testing day; Flasks must be weighted after 5 actuations and, again, after administration in the volunteers.

To warrant reproducibility of collection of samples, the employment of mechanical actuation methods is recommended. These drugs, mainly, are used to treat allergic rhinitis. Shall be conducted in 10 flasks, one collection in the beginning and another at the end of the doses.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Open Access

Presentation of Biopharmaceutical avnisa Bioanalytical Data in Module 2. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Good clinical practice GCP: Study must be conducted, preferably, with one single dosage, and multiple dose studies must be justified in protocol.

The statistical objective is extract valid inferences from a set of data. Formulations used for Systemic Effects: The analytical method for assay shall yield the determination of the quantity of active ingredient in each delivered dose and the data must be reported as percents of labeled dose. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, v. In this note, we would like to comment a recently published review article on the similarities and differences among some international jurisdictions in accepting bioequivalence approaches for generic topical dermatological drug products [ 1 ].


GL on multiplicity issues in clinical trials: Only the analysts who are able to evidence competency, or who are properly supervised, might conduct the Pharmaceutical Equivalence essays. Before beginning clinical phase, volunteers must receive training regarding administration of drugs.

GL for the Monitoring of Clinical Investigations: SinceANVISA has been publishing several Resolutions to establish criteria and requirements to conduct a bioequivalence Trial to register drugs that have been updated along the development of science. Published online Jun Mon Arch Chest Dis. The results obtained for test drug Tshall be compared to the results of the reference drug Rthus, determining existence or lack of Pharmaceutical Equivalence.

Quality Assurance Management of lab must assure that staff received the proper training to perform these tests and to operate equipments. The determination of uniformity of delivered dose must be executed in accordance with the following description, taking into account the Pharmacopeia methodology available and assay method for the active ingredient.

For suspensions, the dose must be released in a proper recipient, which might allow the due transfer of the content. To conduct the essay, is recommended the compliance with the equipment’s manufacturing instructions regarding to obscuration and transmittance percent. Therefore, only in vitro studies are required for registration of all generic topical dermatological drug products, including those containing corticosteroids.