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Andersonville has ratings and reviews. Larry said: This is a book that I read as a young teenager. It changed my life. I was living a fairly mi. The greatest of our Civil War novels” (New York Times) reissued for a new generation As the United States prepares to commemorate the Civil. Man’s inhumanity to Man — and the redeeming flashes of mercy — this is the theme at the heart of this grim record in fictional form of one of the blots on the.

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It is a very hard book to read, both for its heartbreakingly depressing story of the inhumane conditions, its length well over pagesthe use of vernacular and the peculiar avoidance of quotes.

Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor

Of course the book is so good that frankly it seems to me that I must not have written it. I am not surprised. Not matter what you think of the politics of the civil war, this book shows how the combination of incompetence, lack of manpower, lack of compassion, and just plain inhumanity came together to create hell on earth.

Apr 08, Jay rated it really liked it Shelves: What rare concentrated tragedies will have occurred within another nineteen months—not here, for this place has bred a tragedy greater than any recorded in the Nation’s past—but elsewhere, all over the South, through back roads and on kkantor and in legislative rooms, in foundries which rust because the fires have gone out?

In the year or so it was open an estimated 45 thousand men passed through its gates; almost 13 thousand never passed out again, other than to the grave, dead of malnutrition, neglect, malaria, diarrhoea, anedrsonville and gangrene.


In the end, though, the book is so bland it’s not even offensive when it’s totally dishonest. There are some aspects of the story that are touching and heart-wrenching, which is the only reason this book did not get 1 star. I am curious how a work enters the Contemporary Canon. No attempt to make the camp liveable or provide reasonable conditions for the prisoners herded inside the walls.

Mar 13, Val rated it really liked it Shelves: Those who are physically strong run the prison because they can steal whatever and whenever they want. Overall it is andeersonville sad book; a book that goes into frank, gruesome detail towards our humanity.

Henry Wirz is the German speaking superintendant of the stockade, who suffers constantly from a wound in his arm and is unable to muster respect from andesronville his superiors, so relies on hatred and fear to rule.

Despite its ambitions and despite the plaudits, this book had neither. But I am so glad I stuck it out to the bitter end, and like so many other reviewers before me, I will carry this novel with me for the rest of my life.


Someone, a guest perhaps, had probably brought it up to read over their vacation. There are now 22, prisoners in Andersonville.

This summer marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of Gone with the Wind and I suspect that’s what got me interested in all things Civil War. Andersonville the prison, run by the Confederacy to hold captured Union soldiers, is the scene of human depravity both inside the stockade and outside.

The author uses the facts and some historical characters, blended with fictional ones, to tell the story of the camp and the wider war. This book andersoonville a most distressing tale of POW Unionists enclosed inside the walls of 20 acres.

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As he neared the kanotr of his labor, he wrote: He also saw combat during the Korean War as a correspondent. Exposition and conversation run together, without identifying punctuation, causing frustration and confusion among some readers.

Starvation, disease and humiliation. The plantation owner, Ira Claffey, opens and closes the novel, but he does not control the action.

ANDERSONVILLE by MacKinlay Kantor | Kirkus Reviews

Jan 19, April Hochstrasser rated it really liked ksntor. Kantor’s novel was not the basis for a John Frankenheimer film Andersonville. Then imagine, if you will, Dachau just as overcrowded but without the huts, without a clean water supply, without any kind of sanitation; just a palisade with watchtowers around an open field.

Some were able to dig holes for shelter, but during the rainy season, well, you get the picture. Initially I thought the style was just cute, absent quotation marks, making the reader guess whether it was a thought or a spoken word; making the reader guess who the thought or word might be directed toward; making the reader guess.

This unlikely pair become friends in a touching story at the end of the book. Feb 28, Suzanne rated it kantog was amazing Shelves: