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Played the first edition of the game (Operation Overlord). Perfectly decent set of rules – I think the way the game uses the order cards with. The second expansion adds a new level of realism, with its tables of different gun calibres, plus new rules enabling you to deploy entire platoons of armoured. Was talking to my local hobbyshop owner about a little label that appears on some 1/72 WW2 figures packaging. A rules set similar to FOW but.

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Italeri Upgrade Vehicle Rules for Alzo Zero Wargame 6702

Test of Battle are a couple more. International packages are shipped USPS. On the front of each box they have that little symbol “Also Zero Wargame Approved” like that some kind of stamp of quality.

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Idk if its right, but it costs next to nothing and doesn’t look half bad, but I suppose that wouldn’t exactly work for FoW. Less gamey, but simple rules. Needs 3″ hexes or bigger for FOW stands.


I qlzo some of these rules already, so just need to pick up a few more … at least, the more readily accessible ones. Games tend to be not the fastest, but that’s the only down side I would say.


I believe that Nexus will be working we Italeri — packaging rules with figs in regularly i believe quartely sero the press release I read a while ago produced scenario packs. They are not the fastest set to play through we found — NUTS replaced them at our club mainly because you got the same result lots of interaction with less hassle. Have only looked at PBI. FoW units are squads grouped into companies.

Crossfire and PBI each have their own adherents within the club with a reasonable crossover. If you have a model related collection for sale please contact us. All our products are in actual stock. There are certainly other options worth looking at, either free or inexpensive. I’ve never played Battleground WW2 but have heard good things about it. I’m already familiar also rapid fire. Disposeable Heroes is a funfast and often bloody skirmish gameallot of tense moments too.

The only rules I currently own aside from BA and FOW are blitzkrieg commmander, chain of command, panzergrenadier deluxe, and battlegroup. Ditto Tango 2 1.

Generally, what are the alternatives sero Bolt Action and Flames of War? For platoon level we have Assault Platoon that use the same mechanics… link Bye Valentino. I watched a video review of command zerk. We kept the base sizes and all ranges the same for FOWalthough on the infantry bases you may want to reduce the amount of figures to fit them on.


But allzo Alzo Zero card system does really give them a kick.

Alzo Zero | Board Game Publisher | BoardGameGeek

I played them as a 12 year old after all. Spearhead probably IS a bit different. Now that’s a fun way to “live in the past”. The last website address I had is this one: We have a ball.

Hard copy of the rules can be purchased directly from “Two Hour Wargamers”. Your Feedback is important to us! With the new azo with LnL Publishing, NUTS will soon have more retail exposure and distribution as well as higher production value. I cut them into 2cm by 1.

So, given the recent threads about different rules sets and avoiding marketing capture, I am curious as to the options out there.