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This is a Made in USA ADA Microtube amplifier in perfect working order. It is an excellent amp for guitar or bass amp rigs. It has a 12AX7. I’m not going to buy another one. I’m not gigging so I’m not in a rush to run out and buy. Maybe I’ll save up my mo Anonymous Reviewer’s review of ADA. Every now and then, I see an ADA MicroTube power amp pop up on eBay or in a local shop. I’ve had a Microtube for about two years.

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The other issue it does have is that it goes into a “protect” mode and it aa a long time about a minute or two for it to power up sometimes. Help FAQs Go to top. I tried it and to my surprise, it works. I love having a presence control on the power amp. Any other simple fixes to quirky machines out there?

September 30, micrltube, It has never required repair and does not suffer from long power up times. However, my understanding is that it does not affect normal operation and it can be corrected by replacing older caps in the “protect” circuit, if necessary. Overall, I’m really glad I picked one up in the end. I’ve read that they really just use a couple of 12AX7 tubes to “warm up” a solid state tube section, but being that there aren’t many affordable 1U tube power amps out there, I’m tempted to try one.


The issue Tomcat refers to is a fairly common one where the power amp will take a while to start, and may be where you adw up the idea that they had reliability issues. Any problem can be solved by the suitable application of nuclear weapons.

Occasionally I have to toggle the power switch to get it to fire up, but other than that it works great. Thanks for posting that link. Over time, that neon light gets dimmer. Finally got around to changing the neon lamp and aca power amp Powers Up Normally.

ADA MicroTube power amps – worth it?

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. That’s a great resource site for us ADA microgube. I like that I can carry everything I need on a 4 space rack. I’ve had a Microtube for about two years. It was getting kind of old trying to hit just the right spot where the photo sensor is located with a microtub. Shine a bright light into the front vents behind the neon protect light when powering on.

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I own an old ADA microtube power amp that has seen years of good service, but now it will not power up and stays in protect mode. A web search offered up with the solution to my particular issue. Its a great sounding power amp, and well worth the money IMO.


I’ve been very happy with it. Anyone own one of these? That’s the only total failure I’ve had in the 7 years I’ve owned the thing.

User Reviews for ADA Micro-Tube Power Amp at Harmony Central

However, I’ve also heard that they have some reliability issues. ADA MicroTube power amps – worth it?

As far as microutbe goes, mine only totally crapped out once, but with the help of the folks at www. Please login or register. So far, I’d say they are very reliable given my experience to date. I had heard about this and considered this as a potential issue when I bought it, but being an ADA fan, and having a certain amount of faith in their stuff and the support ADA depot helped me not worry too much about pulling the trigger on it.

Elantric’s Tips and Blog: Both were a good solution to lugging around a heavy tube amp, and i prefered closed back speakers.

That’s incredibly useful and the ability to run it true stereo or bridged mono is nice. Appariently the brighness of neon protect light microtubee somehow tied to under current detection and that under current keeps the machine in protect mode.

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