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3GPP TS V (). Technical Specification. 3rd Generation Partnership Project;. Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects ;. ETSI TS V (). 1. 3GPP TS version Release Reference. RTS/TSGSva Keywords. LTE, UMTS. ETSI. Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 58) for 3GPP TS – Architecture enhancements for non-3GPP accesses.

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Furthermore, reference in the specification to “one embodiment” or “an embodiment” means that a particular feature, structure or characteristic, described in connection with the embodiment, is included in at least one embodiment of the present invention.

Accordingly, the specification and the figures are to be regarded in an illustrative rather than a restrictive sense, and all such modifications are intended to be included within the scope of present invention.

3GPP TS (1 of 58) – Architecture enhancements for non-3GPP accesses

The method of claim 1, wherein sending t or more messages comprises sending a list of preferred visited networks to the subscriber while being in the visited network, to induce a re-registration attempt 233402 the subscriber to another visited network. Provisional Patent Application No. Cause 19, “ESM failure”, the UE may set the attach attempt counter to 5 and directly attempt to register on another network. Search Expert Search Quick Search. In the drawings, the same or similar reference numbers identify similar elements or acts.

EPS only registration i. Partner networks are “preferred” networks for the network operator’s subscriber to register with when roaming. System enhancements for the use of IMS services in local breakout.

The medium can be an electronic, magnetic, 3tpp, electromagnetic, infrared, or semiconductor system or apparatus or device or a propagation medium.


Handset Transitions in a Dual-Mode Environment. The system and method 223402 be of use and provided through any type of telecommunications medium, including without limitation: Hence, they need an applet to open an IP channel for specific events.


Some operators also own networks in various countries. Stage 2 for Host-based Mobility aspects. It is therefore required to identify in the scenario of the subscriber as a GSM UL does not provided any information.

In the drawings, the same or similar reference numbers identity similar elements or acts. The elements and acts t the various embodiments described above can be combined to provide further embodiments. Country of ref document: On the other hand, revenues from roamers have consistently grown in the same period due to increased mobile penetration in local markets and an increase in travel.

Kind code of ref document: Possible values are 0 and 4. These standards are broadly categorized into second generation 2Gthird generation 3G and the future, fourth generation 4G technologies.

These operators 234402 like to make sure their out-roamers stay within the group properties, or stay on preferred networks, in order to gain the best service experience 3pgp when roaming. Alternatively, those devices or calls can be for text, video, pictures or other communicated data. In its various implementation 3g;p the present invention, 3hpp NTR solution is implemented 3gop monitoring mode or in- signaling mode. The authors would like to specially thank Tero Kivinen for the detailed reviews.

These operators would like to make sure their out-roamers stay within the group properties, or stay on preferred networks, in order to gain the best service experience even when roaming.

This application claims priority to U. The below figure shows the interworking option for non-3GPP access over an untrusted access network.

The call flow for this embodiment, is identical to FIG. Maintaining packet switched session in lte when establishing gsm circuit switched call. Meetings Version Upload date Comment. The method of claim 3, wherein the list of preferred visited networks is sent in response to an applet on subscriber’s handset being able to detect one of roaming, network registration change, handset start, or activation timer, and opening a communication channel to get the list of networks.


Architecture aspects of EHNB.

TS ) Non-Roaming Reference Architecture for non-3GPP Accesses_图文_百度文库

The benefits, advantages, solutions to problems, and any element s that may cause any benefit, advantage, or solution to occur, or to become more pronounced, are not to be construed as a critical, required, or essential feature or element of any or all of the claims.

In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, software, including but not limited to, firmware, resident software, and microcode, implements the invention.

However, since in some cases the redirection to LTE network is not always successful but redirection is more successful within legacy Radio Access Technology network like 2G or 3G. Detailed Description In the following description, for purposes of explanation, specific numbers, materials and configurations are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the present invention.

Provided above for the edification of those of ordinary skill in the art, and not as a limitation on the scope of the invention, are detailed illustrations of a scheme for proactive roaming tests, discoveries of roaming partner services and discoveries of frauds in roaming using simulated roaming traffic.

The method of claim 9 farther comprising rejecting the subscriber’s. LTE technology offers a wireless broadband system with higher data rates, lower latency, and higher spectrum efficiency. Current examples of optical disks include compact disk. The Diameter LTE steering enables to control the radio access technology.

Provisioning of IP-based multimedia services. The entirety of each of the technical references listed below is incorporated by reference herein. Specification withdrawal has failed. Examples of a computer-readable medium include a semiconductor or solid state memory, magnetic tape, a removable computer diskette, a random access memory RAMa read-only memory ROMa rigid magnetic disk and an optical disk.